Nevan Schleuter as Aiden Burris

Anthony Ray As Oliver Mendez




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Layla Duffy as Taima Wright

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Chase Beck As Freddie Wright
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Special Note

I want to leave this off with a note of special thanks to everyone who listened to me gab about these special characters for years and years, and definitely had the urge to shut me up, but always supported me. 


For years, I dreamt about making this into a show, and especially a show where I knew people from all diverse backgrounds could come and feel the same comfort and relatability I felt when creating this. As someone who was undiagnosed with autism until I turned 20, it was really hard for me to relate to other people, it was really hard for me to understand why nobody wanted to listen to me talk about the (maybe quirky) interests that were so important to me. It was especially hard not having any actual representation that helped me realize that I was autistic. Which is why, throughout this show, I want to include as much representation as possible, in order for people to understand that they are seen, and they do matter. 


When I think of what inspired me on this journey, apart from my wonderful partner Max, and the characters I created, it was small creators who started off with nothing, who started off same as me: going to kickstarter, or gofundme to help with their art. Projects like Undertale, Disco Elysium, Hollow Knight are what we should all look towards for inspiration to know that sometimes when you're a creator you start from nothing, but if you have a support system, you might make it. 



So to end, enjoy the show, ask questions about the characters, make up headcanons that help you relate to them, send me ideas on how I can represent people more, and help me continue this journey. One thing I can say, is I will always be ecstatic to talk about these characters and this show and I can't wait for you to meet these characters and love them like I do. Thank you for all your support, it truly means the world. 


Heather Beck :)

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Heather Beck
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