Frequently Asked Questions

When will the show be released?

As of right now the first episode of the show will be released most likely by early 2024. Animation is a very tedious process, and we want the show to be as perfect as it can be for your eyes, so that is why it will take some time. However, I will provide updates weekly on twitter, tiktok, and on the website. 


Right now, myself and the co-creator are having two small animations done that I will put on the website and will also use to start the kickstarter. These should be finished by the middle of summer of 2023


However, we have seen these characters go through some crazy stuff, we have learned some of their traumatic back stories, we have cried with them over many things, laughed with how stupid they can be, and genuinly have become so attached to them. So we are both so excited to see how you will all react to these characters and their stories.

Where will WFN be released?

WFN will be released on basic streaming platforms such as patreon, and youtube. We will be making the pilot episode free for watch and then starting after that there will be a charge to watch so we can keep the show afloat. 

Where can I help fund the show?

As of right now, our kickstarter is under construction because we are waiting for the short animation before publishing it. Because of this, I have opened up my paypal for anyone to donate in order to help fund the animation and the first season of WFN. 

Our audience will be able to see the breakdown of how the kickstarter funds, once we publish it, will be used but our main source of the money will go towards paying the animators to create the first season of the show. Animation is not cheap, and I want to make sure our animators are getting paid what they deserve, which is why the process for the first season might take longer than expected. 

Because of our budget, myself and the other creator Max are doing most of the production, other than the animation, ourselves which includes: Voice acting, Writing, Producing, Storyboard artists, Sound engineering. 

With the hope that we receive money to fund WFN, we would love to hire people for most of these roles, however right now that is not a possibility for us. With this said, if you would like to help fund the show and you are able to, you can donate to our paypal, or donate to our kickstarter when it is published. If you are not able to donate, don't worry! A simple share to your family and friends, or to your social media would be help enough to spread the word. 

Will we hire more people for the show?

We have a very small team of people because of the funding available to us right now. With this funding, we are only able to fully hire an animator and character designer, and the rest of the production will have to be done by myself and my co-creator. Once, and if, we receive funding for the show, we would love to hire voice actors, sound developers, and more onto our show. Hopefully that is something that everyone watching will be understanding of, because this is an indie production, and again as soon as we reach enough funding we will hire additional team members.

Speaking on this, once we receive funding, we will put out open audtions for specific characters, and would love for everyone and anyone to join those audtions if they feel like they are a good fit for a character :)

When will the process of hiring voice actors begin?

As of right now, we want to get the first two animated shorts for kickstarter in order to get the show up and running. However, once we have the clear from kickstarter, we will be looking to hire for some of the main cast, along with some side characters. 

Once this process starts, I will release audition sheets on my twitter, as well as on the website for the various characters that we will be looking for. 

However to look forward to it, some of the characters we will be looking to hire from voice actors are:

1 Transgender male 

1 Puerto rican lesbian woman

1 Cambodian woman 

1 latino bisexual man- Oliver Bennett, who is in the main cast


Need more answers?

Feel free to email us at and we will respond within 1-3 business days, or you can contact us on the contact sheet above.

Contact us and we will get back to you within 2-4 days!